AG Barr to target females with energy drink launch

Irn-Bru maker AG Barr is launching a new ‘pleasant tasting’ energy drink, which is aimed at attracting more female drinkers to the category challenging the dominance of Red Bull.

It is understood that AG Barr has yet to decide on a name for the new product, but it is will make use of the Irn-Bru brand heritage. It is believed that Irn-Bru 32, Irn-Bru Stimulation and Irn-Bru Energy are all potential names. The drink will retail at 80p.

The drink will not contain taurine and will be positioned as a functional energy drink like Sprite 3G, which was launched by Coca-Cola last year (MW August 4). It will be packaged in a slim 250ml can.

The drink is believed to taste similar to Irn-Bru, which has prompted speculation that it will prove a success.

An industry source believes that Red Bull should be concerned that both drinks taste better than its product. The insider says: “Irn-Bru has aimed for a better tasting energy drink to increase female uptake.”

But other industry insiders warn that AG Barr and Coca-Cola may face problems with the positioning of the drinks, as functional products are usually aimed at older consumers rather than the core teenage energy drink consumers.

Irn-Bru has been the seventh-biggest selling carbonated drinks brand for the past two years, according to AC Nielsen. Market leader Red Bull sold 300 million cans last year in the UK alone and is worth more than &£120m.


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