Aga reviews digital agencies and appoints TCS Media

Aga Rangemaster is reviewing its digital search agency requirements and has just appointed TCS Media to handle its media buying.


The company, which owns the AGA, Rayburn, Rangemaster and Falcon cooker ranges, as well as the Fired Earth and Divertimenti brands is undertaking “an ongoing review” of all Aga Rangemaster marketing suppliers in a drive to and benefit from economies of scale. The online remit is the next up for review.

The company also wants to improve cross-brand promotion across all brands within the group’s portfolio.

TCS Media, won the business following pitches against four unnamed agencies, with AGA .

Richard Eagleton, group marketing director at AGA Rangemaster, says: “The media buying pitch was an important part of our continuing strategy to identify and realise brand synergy benefits. The quality of all the pitches was extremely high, but TCS stood out as they were refreshingly honest and not afraid to challenge our current thinking. TCS gave us a new insight into our current media buying mix and offered a number of new alternatives.”

Aga launched a campaign in 2007 featuring celebrities including Alex James of the band Blur, created by Cogent Elliott.


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