Age cannot wither the Post, nor custom stale its infinite variety…

Age is a funny old thing. So often seen as an achievement in itself by pouting grandfathers bragging that they have all their own teeth, the Diary understands that actually it’s what you do that counts, not how old you are.

It was with incredulity, therefore, that it flicked through a 40-page glossy brochure recently sent to this magazine by that horse-racing almanac, the Racing Post, trumpeting its 20 years “so far”.

“From Dream to Reality”, one chapter boasts, “The Unfolding Story/ A Day In The Office”, another screams, with each of its pages swamped in sumptuous colour action photos featuring the sport of kings.

With such a beautiful product and its accompanying two-page press release, thought the Diary, there must surely be something more to this story than a simple birthday. Sadly not, a quick phone call to the Racing Post’s owner Trinity Mirror revealed.

“Isn’t it great?” a press officer attempted, “20 years and still going strong.”

“But what’s the story? Is there anything new going on?” asked the Diary, having donned its investigative journalist’s hat? “No,” came the proud reply, “nothing’s happening; the story is, it’s business as usual”.

The Diary suspects that the Racing Post is feeling threatened by the sexy new kid on the block, betting bible The Sportsman.


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