Age UK admits first brands to business network

Natwest, Panasonic and David Lloyd leisure centres are among the first clutch of brands to join Age UK’s business network in a bid to tap into the growing and increasingly lucrative over-50s market.


Age UK will now share knowledge and insight with the brands. The charity also offers members of the Engage Business Network accreditation if products and services are deemed to reflect the needs and lifestyles of the UK’s ageing population.

Claire Martin, head of external engagement at NatWest, says that the network offers it a “valuable opportunity to stay close to this important section of our customers”.

Huw Davies-Thomas, David Lloyd Leisure’s head of marketing communications, says the network provides “invaluable access to research and insight which will enable us to reach this key audience” and allows it to “enhance services and expertise to meet those needs accordingly.”

The organisation claims that the over 50s currently have a combined annual spend of £300bn, and represent 45% of the total spent by consumers in the UK each year.

The number of people in the UK aged over 60 is also set to rise by 50% in the next 25 years. Age UK says this means that businesses need to make sure their products and services are relevant and suitable for this market to stay ahead of the competition. 



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