Agency to monitor Web for feedback on brands

Beechwood, the integrated agency, is setting up an agency to monitor brand perceptions online as it seeks to help clients manage their brands across the internet.

The agency, which will be called Flux, will offer clients an online interface with real-time information about their brands’ profiles through It will monitor the volume of online “brand chatter” from a large number of sources and aims to detect emerging trends or any shifts in opinions. will analyse and interpret a brand’s profile in social networks, blogs, “chat-rooms” and other user-generated sites with the aim of spotting trends, interesting posts and hot topics as they emerge.

Philip Beeching will leave his position as chairman of Beechwood to head the company. He says: “Many clients remain unaware of how much their brand is the subject of a constant online dialogue. Showing them the results of searching millions of blogs for their brand on can leave them gobsmacked.

“Consumers are shaping brands online, whether brand owners like it or not. You cannot stop or control it, but you can seek to legitimately influence it. You have to respond to it by engaging with your consumers online.”

He says the Diet Coke/ Mentos phenomenon, where people filmed bottles of Diet Coke exploding after Mentos were added and then posted the films on video sites such as YouTube, is an example of how user-generated content can influence brands.


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