Agency turns tables after client pulls a fast one

In the fast and furious world of motor racing, things sometimes turn upside down – usually those things are cars, which flip over on account of going far too quickly round a corner.

However, the Diary has come across another example of things ending up the wrong way round.

Agency Golley Slater has reversed the usual way of doing things, and taken out an ad, for itself, on the side of a racing car belonging to one of its long-standing clients.

After 10 years working with food client Cranswick, the agency decided to thank them for their loyalty by sponsoring the company’s chief executive Bernard Hoggarth in the 2006 Ferrari Open Challenge.

Bernard, as well as an expert on pork sausages, is something of a petrolhead and a member of the Ferrari Club, and as such he has entered the 2006 Ferrari Open Challenge, which consists of seven races at five circuits, including Monte Carlo, between now and October.


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