Agiliance introduces new data governance solution


US-based governance, risk and compliance software vendor Agiliance has launched its new data governance solution, Privacy Manager. It follows increased enforcement of privacy regulations, such as the American healthcare information protection act (HIPAA), which recently saw a $2 million fine imposed on a healthcare provider for a breach.

With the Obama administration introducing further legislation, such as the HITECH Act, which extends California’s data security breach notification requirements, the solution is based on extensive mapping of worldwide data protection laws.

“In EMEA, the European Directive has been implemented differently locally. Companies doing business across the US also have to deal with multiple levels of regulation. Americans also love to sue,” says Ed King, vice-president of marketing at Agiliance.

To prove due dilligence and compliance with data protection laws, the solution provides privacy impact assessments, real-time dashboard reporting and policy awareness tools.

“It provides a common control framework using privacy principles as the backbone. The solution maps all requirements to that so you can do one assessment against specific controls,” says King.


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