AirWair head of marketing leaves

AirWair’s head of marketing for the Dr Martens footwear brand Simon Mills has left the company suddenly.

He has already been replaced by John Walbrecht, who has joined the company offices in Wollasten, Northamptonshire, from AirWair in the US.

His title will be marketing strategist.

A spokeswoman for the company says Mills had left to pursue his own interests.

Mills took part in the launch of Dr Martens’ indie album compilation, which entered the Gallup compilation chart at number nine in its first week of release in 1995.

A year before, Dr Martens launched its own department store in Covent Garden.

Dr Martens is owned by the Griggs Group. It produces 220,000 pairs of boots and shoes each week and exports to over 25 countries worldwide. It also manufactures adult and children’s clothing, accessories, watches and stationery.


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