AKQA briefs adland on Internet myths

New media fiction has overtaken fact for many marketers and agencies considering the benefits of using the Internet, according to a report published this week.

“Jargon has submerged actual applications,” claims Ajaz Ahmed, co-founder of new media specialist AKQA, which is launching a document on successful Net marketing.

“A lot of agencies don’t understand what interactive media can deliver and this has created confusion.” A number of client presentations are inaccurate and misinformed, he adds.

AKQA has produced a briefing document for advertisers and agencies detailing how the Net evolved, who the Net service providers are and the pros and cons of Net technology. It identifies one myth: “When you are on the Internet, thousands of computers around the world are just a few keystrokes away.” It says that in the reality: “The Internet is becoming overpopulated, it’s difficult to get on, it crashes, some servers are always busy.”However, AKQA insists the Net does offer advertisers potential for new marketing applications.

– Music Week launches the first music business information site on the Internet on July 31. Called .dotmusic, it includes news, charts and links to other music-related sites. It was designed by AKQA.


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