Albion comes to the rescue of the collateral damage of the smoking ban with an innovative range of furniture

The smoking bans is great isn’t it? Well not if you’re an ashtray maker. In fact, what’s going to happen to all those ashtrays from pubs, restaurants, etc, that have now been cruelly made redundant?

Albion has had an idea that could not only solve this problem, but also where smokers can rest whilst braving the elements for the sake of their habits, and dispose of their fag butts. The company has created a range of outdoor furniture made entirely of ashtrays.

If you now happen to have a load of ashtrays kicking about and were wondering how to dispose of them, click on where you can download an instruction sheet to build your own furniture. Just remember to wash them out first, unless you’re after that unmistakable “old man’s pub” odour. Probably good for cushion sales too.


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