Aldi ad cleared of encouraging ‘irresponsible drinking’

Aldi has avoided getting its knuckles rapped after viewers complained that the supermarket’s TV ad encouraged the misuse of alcohol.


The ad, which aired in May, showed a woman holding PG Tips and Aldi tea bags and saying that her husband drinks both of the brands. She then goes on to say, “I don’t like tea. I like gin,” before picking up a glass and drinking from it.

Complainants suggested that the ads encouraged irresponsible drinking and implied that gin was a suitable substitute for non-alcoholic drinks. Others said the ad made light of alcoholism while some said it was inappropriate for broadcast during the day.

Aldi said it did not intend for the ad to encourage the misuse or over consumption of alcohol and added that the ad was intended to be humorous.

The complaints were not upheld. The Advertising Standards Association said that the ad “was likely to be seen as a humorous depiction of one woman’s preference for gin over tea”.


Tesco ad in wrong slot

Marketing Week

There are many of examples of clever media buying that links the brand to the content in its immediate environment. But I would suggest that buying time for Tesco’s Butcher’s Choice in a break for ITV1 Fred West drama Appropriate Adult is at best unfortunate and at worst macabre. John Dean MHYG Consulting


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