Aldi aims for middle England with Christmas ads

Aldi is launching a Christmas ad campaign that will show people they can get everything they need for the festive season at its stores and do not have to shop around.


Debuting on TV today (4 November) and available on its Facebook page already, the ads build on Aldi’s “Like Brands Only Cheaper” strapline. They will feature a range of its own brand products including smoked salmon, mince pies and champagne.

Aldi says: “We know consumers want the best tasting products at Christmas, but that the costs soon mount up. Our ‘Like’ adverts are designed with this in mind and show people they can cut the cost of Christmas at Aldi, without having to cut the celebrations.”

The campaign launches as figures from Verdict show that more and more consumers are doing their full grocery shop at Aldi, up from 2.9 per cent a year ago to 4.4 per cent now. Of those that switched, 36.6 per cent came from Tesco, 19.7 per cent from Asda, 16.9 per cent from Morrisons and 12.7 per cent from Sainsbury’s. 

A fifth of those that use Aldi are middle or upper middle class, according to Verdict, proving the growth in appeal among midmarket shoppers looking for a bargain.

Andrew Stevens, food and grocery specialist at Verdict, says that much of Aldi’s growth has been down to some “very clever” marketing. He describes the “Like Brands Only Cheaper” strapline as simple and effective in communicating to customers what the supermarket chain stands for.

“Rival supermarkets are shouting and squabbling over who is cheaper. Aldi has both a price and quality message that people understand and can relate to,” he adds.

Rival discount chain Lidl is also promoting its premium own brand products with the launch of its first nationwide TV campaign. Tesco and Sainsbury’s are both set to unveil their Christmas ads in the coming week.



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