Alfa Romeo launches Space Invaders themed TV ad

Alfa Romeo is launching a Space Invaders themed television advertisement to launch its new MiTo MultiAir models.

The Italian sporting marque’s latest advert has been created to promote its new MultiAir engine line-up, which promises increased fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions while considerably enhancing performance. it will break on 12 February.

The ad plays on the classic video game’s intergalactic ‘fix’ by showing an Alfa MiTo skilfully eliminating the ‘invaders’ – which in this case are fuel pumps and toxic barrels – with lasers fired from its headlights.

The MultiAir range introduces the 1.4-litre 135 bhp Alfa MiTo Lusso and Veloce as well as the 170 bhp 1.4 Alfa MiTo Cloverleaf model complete with active suspension. All versions include Start&Stop technology.

Alfa Romeo says the cars are capable of reaching 62mph from a standing start in just 7.5 seconds and the high-tech MultiAir engines also produce amongst the lowest CO2 levels of all Alfa MiTo petrol models.

In November last year, Alfa Romeo launched a social media campaign to promote its MiTo model to a younger audience.



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