Alice Cooper stars in Sony ad

Sony UK is introduces its new television trade-in initiative today (21 August) backed with a campaign featuring rocker Alice Cooper. You can view the ad here.

The initiative allows shoppers to trade in their old television at participating Sony stockists in exchange for up to £150 for a new Bravia. In addition, all new Sony Bravia models now come with a three year guarantee.

Alice Cooper is joined by an old roadie and his former manager. The ad takes viewers on a journey through traditional rock and roll behaviour when throwing televisions out of windows was done in a stereotypical rock star fashion.

It opens on Cooper in his tour bus being asked why launching television sets out of windows is synonymous with the 80s. Hank ‘The Mover’ Johnson and Cooper’s old manager Jared Levy are also introduced, reminiscing from an American diner, a motel and backstage at a gig. They too hark back to the days when throwing TVs out of a window was easier and considered cool – a trend that they claim started with Mozart throwing cellos off balconies.

Alice Cooper, whose songs include Poison and School’s Out, has appeared in TV campaigns for brands such as Aviva and Virgin Atlantic.

The ad was created by TBWA.



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