Alien’s assistant in election race

Oh dear. The poor old Conservative Party. Led by a coterie of no ones, bedevilled by its aged relatives and in danger of becoming the UK’s third party, it’s certainly in need of some decent marketing (or policies – take your pick).

But help is at hand, it seems. One Nikki Page, assistant to “Alien” John Redwood, is competing alongside Stephen Norris to become the party’s candidate for London mayor. Page is a former model and spent 21 years as a senior marketer at companies including the Mayfair Intercontinental Hotel. The Diary wishes her well against the avuncular (and presumably former) adulterer who, according to one Page supporter on a Conservative online forum, alienated large numbers of “decent people” in 2000, when he advocated “the scrapping of laws against gay sex in public toilets”.

Seems you’ve got your work cut out, Ms Page…


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