Allianz Global Investors CMO on the importance of ethical innovation

We are a large global organisation. To stay relevant to a diverse base of stakeholders you have to be innovative and open to new ideas. You can’t stand still.

Roger Miners

We have launched a new look and feel globally for our company, both internally and externally. Our new corporate brand imagery tells the story of our company’s philosophy, ‘Understand. Act.’, and is built on our belief in the power of insightfulness to drive both our investment performance and our ability to better partner with clients.

Our clients are as multicultural as we are as a business, and through our new imagery we wanted to share some of our understanding of inclusion and diversity.

It is easy to underestimate the scale and logistical challenges such a global project can present when you want to achieve global consistency, but allow room for local adoption. It was important to us – for clients but also for staff – that the new imagery was unveiled in a ‘big bang’ approach, to maximise its impact.

On the day of the launch, the imagery had to be seen everywhere – on the walls of our offices, on our clients’ computer screens via the front pages of product materials, website feature pictures, PowerPoint covers and advertising. We rolled out globally on one day – in Europe, Asia and the US. Effective co-ordination was, of course, critical. It was hard work, requiring real dedication from the team, but a powerful experience to be able to celebrate something across our business on a single day.


How ethical innovations boost brand perceptions

Tanzeel Akhtar

Brands that take an ethical stance not only in their business but also their innovations will drive brand value and attract conscientious consumers, who are increasingly taking an interest in brands’ ethical positioning ahead of price, quality and overall reputation.


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