Allied Domecq unveils pre-mixed Kahlua-based range of cocktails

Allied Domecq is launching a range of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails based on its Kahlua liqueur and is also considering a similar extension of the Tia Maria brand.

The Kahlua range, which includes 200ml bottles of White Russian, B52, and Mudslide, will be rolled out in the off-trade sector this month following a test launch earlier this year.

A spokesman for Allied Domecq says the Kahlua cocktails, which were originally launched in the US, will be available in UK bars by the end of this year.

There is no advertising planned for the range at the moment.

Allied Domecq would not confirm any plans to a launch an RTD version of its coffee liqueur Tia Maria, but the spokesman adds: “Like most other companies Allied Domecq is always looking at ways in which it can build and strengthen its brand position and RTD formulas are included in that mix.”

He says that, unlike the Kahlua range, a Tia Maria RTD could be launched in the UK first as it is the brand’s “focus market”.

The drinks group yesterday (Tuesday) reported a 16 per cent rise in half-year profits. However, Allied Domecq’s share price fell after investors heard that, for the same period, it raised its wine and spirit advertising and promotional spend by less than one per cent – from &£160m to &£161m – which could be offset against the higher profits.

Allied Domecq, also produces Ballantine’s scotch, Beefeater gin and Sauza tequila.


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