Alpen launches promotion

Alpen, the Swiss recipe muesli brand owned by the Weetabix Food Company, is launching an on-pack promotion to follow up its “We know you know how good it tastes” marketing campaign.

The brand is targeting women between 45 and 64 with a giveaway promotion to encourage them to eat Swiss recipe cereal more often in what it says is a “subtle, non-patronising tone” designed to communicate the brand’s healthy credentials “without being overbearing or preachy”.

Alpen is giving away a number of Alpine-themed activity giveaways including Helicopter flights, hot air balloon flights in Switzeralnd and Swiss-style spa treatments.

Packs will carry the message: “We know you know this is just another promotion on the back of your cereal box, so we’re not going to pretend it is anything else.”

The promotion, created by Dialogue141, will appear on six million packs of Alpen Cereal and Alpen Bars from April.


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