Amazon and Virgin join forces for wine sales and Virgin Wines have linked up to launch a co-branded wine store through Amazon’s website.

The two companies have signed a “trusted partner” strategic agreement, giving’s 3 million customers access to Virgin Wines’ online wine shopping service.

The Wine Store will feature Virgin’s “Wine Wizard” search tool, as well as customer and expert reviews. Wines will be offered with a money-back guarantee.

The wine market in the UK has doubled in size in the past ten years, as people have switched away from beer. Virgin Wines says its customers spend almost twice the national average on a bottle – &£6.20, versus an average of &£3.59 for customers buying through other outlets.

The venture will feature products from’s existing range, such as wine-tasting and buying guides. There will also be an Easy Drinking Case.

Under the agreement, Virgin Wines will be responsible for stocking, selling and delivering wine to Amazon customers. Virgin Wines will also join’s Associates Programme.


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