Amazon faces fury from anti-racism groups over ‘Golly’ doll

Amazon is under fire from anti-racism groups for not responding to requests that it removes a Golly fancy dress outfit from its listings pages. 

The offending items retail at £34.99 and are listed by Orion Costumes (see image) alongside several user requests that the items be taken down.  

Although a minority of comments defend the item as a “much loved toy from the past made offensive by the PC brigade”, the vast majority express disgust at their presence on the store.

One comment reads: “How on God’s green earth Amazon can justify selling this odious outfit, to anyone of sound mind and sensitivity, is beyond me?!”

Further controversy erupted yesterday (14 November) when Amazon refused to publicly acknowledge calls for its removal from both private store users and anti-racism groups.

Speaking to The Sun, Helen Pattison from Youth Against Racism, said: “Yet again Amazon has shown it highly offensive and demeaning products as long as they can make a profit.”

Several other anti-racism groups were also quick to voice their disgust at Amazon.

The incident follows Amazon yielding to public pressure to remove pages promoting a ‘Zombie-fied’ outfit of disgraced UK DJ Jimmy Saville (see image), following a similar public outcry, last month.

Adidas similarly fell foul of public sentiment in 2012 when it launched its Roundhouse Mid trainer which came with ankle cuffs similar to slaves’ shackles (see image). 


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