Amazon shows off the breadth of its range in first major campaign from in-house agency

Amazon’s in-house creative agency, D1, beat external competition for the above-the-line campaign, Fundamentals A-Z.

Amazon is launching a marketing campaign that aims to showcase the broad range of products customers can buy on the site in the first major above-the-line campaign from its in-house creative agency D1.

The ‘Fundamentals A-Z’ campaign, which launched last night (19 March), on UK, German and Austrian TV consists of two 30-second ads, supported by five 15-second videos for social. The films are supported by print, radio and digital activity.

The videos show Amazon customers in a range of scenarios and the products they need to order to get a job done. For example, in one a woman orders a pressure washer to clean her patio but, when it knocks over a garden gnome she also needs to order super glue. Another spot shows a man hit his head on a beam in his loft and therefore order a torch; he then knocks over the ladder when trying to come back down and so searches for loft ladders.

The campaign makes use of the Amazon logo and the arrow that points from a to z to showcase how Amazon sells everything “from a to z”. It is the first time for a number of years Amazon has launched a campaign to showcase its range, rather than a brand ad (such as the Amazon boxes ad at Christmas), or a product ad (like those for Echo or its Prime service).

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It is also the first time Amazon’s in-house creative agency, D1, has done all the creative, from the scripts through to the creative direction. It pitched against external agencies for the campaign, but it’s creative idea won and marks the first time it has created a full campaign across TV, print, and online.

D1 is part of Amazon’s global marketing team, also known as XCM. It has been focused on growth over the past couple of years, hiring people with expertise in areas such as video as it looks to expand beyond simply doing online work and on-site banners.

It now consists of 75 people in the UK creating advertising across Europe. It is one of a number of in-house teams under the D1 moniker that includes teams in the US, Japan, India and China.

Amazon believes there are key benefits to having an in-house creative agency, with the team able to fully understand the brand and its customers.

Fionn Greger, senior producer at D1, says: “There is huge value to having an in-house agency at Amazon because we think of our customers first. When you couple that with fantastic creative and marketing teams, suddenly there is a pool of people who know the brand, who love the brand and who are focused on delivering relevant content to our customers.”



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