Amazon on why ‘Prime Day’ showcases the best of its brand on its 20th anniversary

Amazon is celebrating 20 years since it first launched as an online bookstore in the US with a global shopping day when it will offer thousands of deals to members of its “Prime” subscription service. The retailer tells Marketing Week the event will offer a “gateway to the best of Amazon” and how 20 years is just the start for the ambitious brand.

Prime Day, which takes place tomorrow (15 July), will offer a range of offers – from “Lightning Deals” to “Deals of the Day”, with new deals coming as often as every 10 minutes. The deals include $30 off a Kindle, $115 of a 40″ LED TV and up to 30% off selected clothes, shoes and watches.

The event is being supported by a marketing campaign, dubbed #PrimeLiving, that asks customers to share their experiences of how Prime helped them save time or money. Amazon will then pick one winner from each county who will have their photos become screen savers on its set-top box – Amazon Fire TV.

In the UK, and the nine other markets where it will run, it will be open only to members of Prime, the subscription service that for £79 a year offers a range of benefits such as free delivery and access to content such as TV and films.

Research from eDigital Research suggests almost half (43%) of Prime customers plan to make a purchase, while 53% of all online shoppers are aware of the promotion.

Amazon’s UK Prime lead, Lisa Leung, claimed Prime now has “tens of millions of customers worldwide” and growth of 50% year on year, with that rate even higher in the UK. She said the service “demonstrates the strength and value of our customer-obsessed brand” making it the perfect vehicle to mark Amazon’s 20th anniversary.

Why did Amazon want to celebrate its 20th anniversary with ‘Prime Day’?

Prime provides customers a gateway to the best of Amazon –a membership that brings together fast delivery, movies and television, photo storage, and more. ‘Prime Day’ is the latest in a series of benefits and a way for us to offer even more value to our Prime customers. Everyone loves good deals and bargains and it’s a way for us to celebrate how far we’ve come in 20 years! We’ve come a long way but this is really just the start, we are investing heavily in new Prime services and have more exciting benefits to come.

Why is Prime the right vehicle to promote Amazon?

We have tens of millions of Prime customers worldwide and 50% growth year on year worldwide – this is even faster in the UK. In the UK we’ve increased our selection to 10 million eligible items for one-day delivery through Prime, and we have calculated that UK Prime members have saved almost a billion pounds on delivery costs.

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What does it say about the Amazon brand and its place in the market?

It demonstrates the strength and value of our customer-obsessed brand.

While Prime Day is global, the deals for our Prime members are very much tailored to what they want to buy. I believe that our success comes down to knowing what our consumers want – it’s all about faster and easier access to shopping. Also, shopping peaks are no longer saved for the holidays. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to secure trending items and the best bargains, and we want to help consumers get to these.

What will success look like?

Prime Day will be a success if we’re able to delight our Prime customers with bargains and if they’re able to take advantage of the other benefits they can enjoy through Prime.

What do you want consumers to think of Amazon on its 20th anniversary?

That we are constantly innovating on behalf of our customers and we will continue to do so. I hope that all of our customers will celebrate with us and take advantage of all the great deals.