Amazon, Tesco and M&S named most popular email marketers

Amazon, Tesco and Marks & Spencer are the most popular email marketers with consumers, according to research from the IAB and its research partner iCD.

A quarter of the 1,000 UK people surveyed said they would most like to hear via email from Amazon, Tesco and M&S, citing easy navigation and simplicity as the most appealing qualities of emails from marketers.

The research showed email plays an important part in brands’ marketing strategies, despite being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, with a third of respondents saying that as the result of an email they’ve become interested in a brand or product they previously didn’t know about.

Some 85% of consumers said they see email an an important communication tool, while 88% said they use their personal account every day; 65% said they check their work email account every day for personal reasons.

The research also highlighted simplicity, driving sales and maintaining customer relationships as the three most important issues to consider when planning email campaigns.

66% of respondents said they like to recieve emails from brands offering promotions or discounts.

Favoured subject lines are those that list offers or discounts on products and services, with 70% of people saying they’re more likely to respond to or open such emails.

The study found 60% of respondents use email to keep in touch with and receive information from brands they like.

Over half (52%) said they like to receive emails relating to products and services they regularly buy.

Guy Phillipson, CEO of the IAB UK, said, “Email is a key element in the marketer’s armoury, yet it remains essential that brands remember what resonates most with consumers when planning email campaigns.

“We know email is still an important part of people’s daily lives, but this research shows that as online evolves into a more multi-tasking experience, a simple, strong promotion offering something of real value is what gets the best response.”

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