Amex backs new C4 food documentary

American Express has signed its first TV sponsorship deal, linking its brand to a Channel 4 documentary series that starts this week.

The series, called “If You Can’t Stand The Heat”, goes behind the scenes of the food industry to help six ailing businesses turn their fortunes round.

The show reveals that 40 per cent of restaurants never reach their second birthday, and looks at why this happens and what can be done to save them. The broadcast sponsorship will support Amex’s charge card business and its “do more” brand positioning, the line used in its advertising.

Sarah Alspach, head of UK advertising at American Express, says: “Amex is excited about sponsoring a programme which brings to life our brand philosophy of helping people ‘do more’ in their profes-sional lives.”

The sponsorship credits have been made by Channel 4’s in-house creative team.

Melanie Briggs, Channel 4 sponsorship account manager, who negotiated the deal with American Express media agency Carat, says: “Amex is a premium brand and a perfect partner for both the series and the channel.”


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