Amoy play on Chinese New Year theme in new push

Amoy, the Chinese food and ingredients producer, is launching a new umbrella branding campaign called “Lucky Red Envelopes” in a bid to drive awareness of the oriental brand.


The brand hopes that the approach will reinforce the authenticity of the Amoy brand, and will be led with a national online campaign, a dedicated microsite and tailormade instore activities. The Big Kick developed the campaign

Users will be able to log onto the site and open up their virtual Amoy lucky red envelope to be entered into a daily prize draw to win £888. There will be a draw from all entries received each day over a three week period and all entrants will be awarded a 30p ’Money Off Next Purchase’ coupon to drive purchase across all Amoy products.

The website will also feature a selection of recipe ideas, details about the Amoy product ranges and facts and a make-your-own downloadable Chinese Lantern kit.

Caroline Grimshaw, senior brand manager, says: “Amoy is committed to understanding and responding to changing consumer trends. With Amoy’s vast knowledge and experience in authentic Chinese cuisine, it seemed appropriate to link the promotion with one of China’s most celebrated festivals – Chinese New Year.”

“In China, a red envelope is a momentary gift containing money which is given during holidays or special occasions and the number 8 is considered to be a lucky number as it sounds similar to the word “prosper” in Chinese. – we hope that our lucky red envelopes are as popular with our consumers in the UK”.

Amoy will also be targeting the “mum’s online world” through popular key lifestyle and food sites with targeted banners that will encourage mums to click through to the new promotional website to enter the prize draw and engage with the Amoy brand.

Amoy branded stands will appear instore throughout Chinese New Year and consumers will be given the opportunity to sample Amoy products and pick up money off tokens. Consumers will also be offered the chance to win a family holiday to China Town, New York (for 2 adults and 2 children.

“Amoy’s heritage dates back to the company’s founding in the Chinese city of Amoy in 1908, and it is important that Amoy’s products are as relevant today as they were 100 years ago, while also helping retailers grow their sales,” adds Grimshaw.



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