Ample reviews its advertising and DM work

Ample, the AMP-owned financial services website, is reviewing its advertising and direct marketing (DM) business held by WWAV Rapp Collins, Zentropy Partners and Egg Design as it prepares to increase its spend on direct marketing.

Ample has spent £900,000 on press and poster advertising since its launch in June, but is planning to increase its spend following AMP’s purchase of investment site Interactive Investor International (iii) in July.

Ample is merging with iii, giving the company a claimed database of 1.25 million iii clients, which it plans to target, along with its existing 40,000 clients through DM.

Ample head of marketing John Blowers says: “Ample is reviewing all its agencies given the current circumstances. This year it had to build the Ample brand from the ground up. Ample now has names and addresses [from iii] that will allow it to do targeted work.”

He declined to comment on Ample’s marketing budget for next year and says he is only talking to agencies he approaches first.

Last week, Ample announced that iii is being rebranded Ample Investor International until January, when the brand will disappear and be replaced with Ample.

Ample offers a range of ISA tax-free packages from providers such as Gartmore and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, as well as a share-dealing service.

The review is separate to that being conducted by AMP for its London Life, National Provident Institution and Pearl brands.


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