Amway readies for UK expansion

Amway, the direct selling company, is looking to grow its operations in markets including the UK and is expected to launch its first consumer facing marketing campaign early next year.

As the main rival to Avon, Amway has opened its first retail store, situated in London. It is planning to make the UK a main focus for growth. The expansion plans for the US-based Alticor-owned company comes as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The London store stocks its entire product range which includes skincare, hair care, cosmetics, homeware, nutritional supplements and domestic cleaning products.

The store is also being used as a best in practice training base for its distributors and to support new business owners in building and managing their own businesses.

In the US and around the world, Avon is the market leader in the direct selling industry with annual sales of $10.9bn. It markets to more than 100 countries through 5.5 million independent sales representatives.

US actress Reese Witherspoon was named as its first brand ambassador in August 2007.

In the US, Avon is followed by Amway which reported annual sales of $8.2bn in 2008. It is in more than 80 markets and has around 13,000 employees.

Its chairman Steve Van Andel recently said that this year it intends to increase its advertising and sponsorship activity.


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