An accent by any other name

I’d like to respond to Hilary Rogers’ letter “Trust me, I’m a Scotsman” (MW June 6). I’m fed up with Scots knocking everything English, particularly when we have a successful call centre here full of Mancunian accents.

Firstly, Geordie or Mancunian accents, or any other Northern accent for that matter, are not a fad or trend. In fact, long before Big Brother or Ant & Dec, Geordie accents have always been more popular than Scottish accents – from a sales, or any other, point of view. The difference is: the English are tolerant of the Scottish – the opposite cannot be said.

Also, not all Scottish accents are “soothing” – Glaswegian for instance. Plus, you have to question the sincerity (and therefore trust) of Scots in call centres – they can’t even support their English neighbours in the World Cup!

Am I being bitter? Probably. One thing you could never accuse Scots of being! Oh, by the way, Pet – Mel Gibson is not Scottish.

David McKenna

Direct marketing manager

Cresta Holidays



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