An alternative Millennium idea

Apparently the Millennium Exhibition is to cost in excess of 350m made up of funds from the Lottery and corporate sponsorship.

Surely it would be a more beneficial and fitting testament to the people of the UK if this money were put to practical use – shelters for homeless teenagers sponsored by Swatch, or accommodation for the elderly sponsored by BT.

With consumers becoming more aware of, and concerned with, what companies get up to these days and consequently cause-related marketing looking set to be “the next big thing” it might just make more commercial sense too.

Jane Herbert

Managing director

Pilot Communications


Grass Roots rolls out Bonusbank

Marketing Week

The Grass Roots Group, the country’s largest motivation and management services agency, will launch The Bonusbank next month. Individuals will have their own award account with Bonusbank where they can deposit their rewards and, like a bank account, they will be able to make withdrawals by ordering “cash” in the form of Bonusbond vouchers. The […]

Image is key to global agenda

Marketing Week

A corporation’s brand image has a strong influence over sales. Communication of a consistent, upright image on an international scale is of paramount importance. By John Shannon. John Shannon is president of Grey International

Baker St houses new mystery man

Marketing Week

The Diary needs some help in identifying a senior advertising figure who has had some explaining to do to his irate wife. Apparently, the aforementioned mover and shaker was away on business, while at the same time his secretary was taken ill. A temp answering the agency boss’s phone was confronted with a desperate-sounding estate […]


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