Anchor offers Taste Challenge

Anchor Foods has launched a 5 Taste Challenge, and is offering up to 5 in coupons to consumers who agree that Anchor Butter tastes the best. Customers can exchange tokens from 250g or 500g promotional packs for cash or money-off coupons against future purchases of Anchor Butter or Anchor Spreadable Butter.

There are three levels of reward: 1, 2.50 and 5. At each level the cash reward is smaller.

Applicants will also receive a recipe leaflet.

Senior product manager Kate Gay says: “This promotion will not only reward loyalty, but also encourage lapsed consumers to rediscover the taste of Anchor.”

Anchor Butter accounts for 36.4 per cent of UK sales (by volume), making it the leading brand in the sector.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail’s Sun Chocolates promotion has come to an end. It was rolled out in February in conjunction with chocolates-by-post specialist Thorntons ChocExpress.

The campaign was devised by Grey Integrated to promote the social benefits of postal services.

Royal Mail postage stamp buyers were given the opportunity to send a selection of Thorntons luxury chocolates in special “Sunshine” packaging and a personalised greetings card to any nominated recipient in the UK. The offer is redeemed by returning four unused 25p stamps and two proofs of purchase. In the first three months of the campaign Thorntons ChocExpress delivered almost 200,000 chocolate packs.


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