…And Facebook venture is a natural extension of mobile

The launch of Facebook Deals represents the natural evolution of mobile marketing. By giving consumers deals, discounts and offers based on their proximity to retail outlets, Facebook can tie together both commercial opportunities and consumer benefits. The space is at last being used to its full potential and what could transpire is the ultimate realisation of the monetisation of location-based data.

Facebook already has access to an insurmountable amount of data on its consumers. As a result, location-based promotions can subsequently be more targeted and relevant than ever, integrating into consumers’ lives while avoiding being obtrusive.

Brands also have the opportunity to evolve the social agenda by encouraging consumers to bring friends into the equation for group discounts and incentives.

The model provides a tangible consumer benefit to incentivise people to “check in” to venues, which ultimately could make Facebook Deals the killer app that leverages its scale to the commercial benefit of brands. Competitive services now need to respond to Facebook’s strong position with bespoke tactics of their own.

Jason BaconHead of digital, G2 Joshua



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