This month’s Poster Watch threw up a clear winner. Of the 300 people that were interviewed by Ipsos-RSL, 50 per cent recognised Energizer’s animated battery campaign from the debranded posters they were shown, and seven out of ten were favourably impressed by it.

Barclaycard came second in terms of recognition with 45 per cent, just in front of Irn-Bru at 42 per cent and Palmolive Shower Gel at 38 per cent. Each of this month’s three car campaigns – Daewoo, Nissan Primera and Saab 900 – were recognised by about a third of those interviewed, while just under a quarter recalled the RAC campaign. Godzilla and Skoda Octavia tied for last place with 18 per cent.

All the posters featured had a greater impact on men, except Palmolive. Godzilla, Daewoo and Skoda were recognised by twice as many men as women, while Saab was recalled by 35 per cent of men and only a fifth of women.

In the popularity chart, Irn-Bru moved up to second place with 64 per cent. Saab pulled ahead of the other car campaigns, tying for third place with Barclaycard and Palmolive. Nissan was approved by 51 per cent, and Daewoo and Skoda dipped just below the halfway mark with 47 per cent and 45 per cent.

The RAC scored 42 per cent, Godzilla brought up the rear with 32 per cent.

Most of the posters were equally popular with both sexes. However, while Skoda, Daewoo and Nissan were liked by more than half the men, they appealed to far fewer women. Energiser was the only poster liked by more women than men, attracting 72 per cent, although it was also popular with two-thirds of men.


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