And the best are….

Ipsos-RSL showed pictures of ten posters with the advertiser’s name removed to 300 people, and asked them which ones they remembered and which ones they liked.

Colgate Total topped the recall results, demonstrating the benefits of a consistent and long-running campaign – nearly six out of ten adults remembered its two “security guard” posters. Nescafe’s “richer, smoother” series ran a close second, remembered by 56 per cent. The ad for the film This Year’s Love, was the only other poster recalled by more than half the adult population, although Virgin Atlantic just scraped in below the 50 per cent line. The teaser campaign for Rice Krispies confectionery scored 46 per cent, and Lynx Voodoo 42 per cent.

Just over a third of all adults remembered seeing the PEP execution poster in the Perpetual “mountain” campaign, two per cent more than KLM’s “swan and rushes” poster. The Saab Estate campaign achieved 28 per cent, and the other PEP ad, for Jupiter, brought up the rear with 26 per cent.

Although few people remembered seeing it before, the KLM poster was outstandingly popular – 83 per cent of the population liked this advertisement, one of the highest scores achieved in the last few Posterwatch surveys. Nescafe came second with 74 per cent, which is usually a high enough score to win. Two-thirds of passers-by liked

Virgin Atlantic’s “leg-room” and “shiatsu” advertisements. Almost as many – 64 per cent – liked Lynx Voodoo and Saab.

This Year’s Love and Colgate Total shared sixth place, but still scored a very respectable 62 per cent. Rice Krispies achieved 55 per cent, while slightly fewer – half the adult population – voted in favour of Perpetual, three per cent more than Jupiter.


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