…and you’ll find SP alive and well

I cannot let your recent article on sales promotion (MW November 18) go unchallenged.

Sales promotion remains at the core of commercial communications: 97 per cent of all direct mail contains a promotional marketing element. Take a break from that? Sales promotion – including price promotions, motivational programmes, field marketing and conventional on-pack and leaflet activity – is alive and well.

Even on the creative front (which seems to be the main thrust of the article), the evidence shows a healthy and vibrant discipline. For the past two years, the UK has swept the board at the European Awards, winning the Grand Prix both years and collecting one-third of all awards. On the international stage, the UK came second to the US in creative excellence. All these awards were based on creativity and effectiveness.

I agree that, as in every sphere of life, some aspects can become tired, but from where the Institute of Sales Promotion sits, it sees continuing innovation and creativity. One only has to look at the two previous winners of the ISP Grand Prix – Weetabix House and the Sex Lottery Campaign – to see the new challenges and opportunities that are being successfully met and exploited by sales promotion techniques.

Edwin Mutton


Institute of Sales Promotion

London N1


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