Anti-abortion Superbowl ad sparks protests

A £1.8m pro-life advertisement that was broadcast during the Superbowl last night has sparked outrage in the US and raises questions over if such ads will be allowed in the UK.

Christian group Focus on the Family screened a pro-life ad during the match, which saw the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianopolis Colts.

In the ad, college footballer Tim Tebow talked about he was almost not born if his mother had gone through with an abortion.

He explains how his Christian missionary mother was advised to have an abortion after she fell ill while pregnant but she ignored the advice and gave birth to Tim.

The ad, which was viewed by up by around 100 million Americans and millions of others overseas, cost the group £1.8m for the 30 second slot.

US charities reacted in anger at the protest, arguing such ads should not be broadcast and it should have been withdrawn from air before the event. It was all the more contoversial because it was aired during the US’s biggest sporting tournament, which is a family event.

In the UK, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC) has made its campaign to keep abortion adverts off TV screens the focal point of its White Flower Appeal 2010.

The publication of the results of the review of the advertising codes have been delayed due to the volume of responses received and are due to be unveiled early this year.

Other highlights in the Superbowl included a performaance by The Who during the break.



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