Anti-drunkenness campaign readies fresh push

The drinks industry is launching the latest stage of its £100m social marketing campaign aimed at changing young people’s attitudes towards drunkenness.

Seeking support: One of the ads

A £5m outdoor campaign dubbed “Why let good times go bad?” will launch nationwide next week, with “in-kind” support worth about £15m pushing the message in pubs and supermarkets.

The broader campaign was launched in September 2009 and is run in partnership with more than 40 of the biggest alcohol producers and retailers, as well as Coca-Cola.

The campaign received the conditional backing of the then Government, which welcomed the industry’s commitment to tackling alcohol misuse among young people.

The coalition Government has yet to publicly back the campaign but wants businesses to play a part in health drives. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley recently called for alcohol awareness campaigns to be linked to the anti-obesity Change4Life initiative, which he wants the food and drinks industry to play a greater financial role in.

The outdoor campaign is coordinated by Drinkaware, the alcohol information service.

The activity, created by AMV BBDO, includes messages such as “Get watered, not slaughtered” and “Eating isn’t cheating” on 1,000 roadside billboards and 10,000 phoneboxes.


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