Anyone who has…

Anyone who has ever harboured a desire to watch advertising and media types get trampled into the ground while wearing a pair of short shorts should make a date in their diaries for Wednesday May 24. For on that evening, at the Richmond Athletic Ground, the English Advertising Agencies Rugby Club will take on the Media Nomads in what promises to be, quite possibly, a game of rugby. The match has been neatly scheduled between the end of the football season and the start of the World Cup, and should provide a welcome break from the non-stop soccer. But if the prospect of watching fine physical specimens chasing each other around the park isn’t enough, there will also be a late bar, barbecue roast, raffles and, of course, the chance to marvel at the complexities of a sport in which an illegal truck and trailer can sometimes emerge from the breakdown of a rolling maul. The proceeds of the game will go towards a number of charities including The Polar Challenge, which raises money for research into premature birth, and children’s charity, Tommy’s. Kick-off is at 8pm, and entry costs &£5.


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