AOL Europe loses top marketer Sarah Gavin amid restructure

Sarah Gavin is stepping down from her role as vice president of marketing and communications at AOL Europe, a move that comes as the company looks to cut roles across the business, thought to also include other marketers.


Gavin had held communications roles at various divisions within AOL, including Bebo, for almost six years. It is not known if she has another job to go or whether her role will be directly replaced.

Separately, the company is looking to restructure its business operations to execute its content-led and partnership focused strategy for 2012, following its acquisition of the Huffington Post earlier this year.

The restructure, which is being led by AOL’s recently appointed European head Jimmy Maymann, will result in “double digit” job losses, according to sources close to the matter.

It is understood those affected will include some marketers and other back office staff.

An AOL spokesman would not confirm the amount of jobs facing the axe, or the departments affected, because the individuals involved are in consultation.

He adds: “With change there often comes difficult decisions and unfortunately a very small number of roles across the organisation will be impacted as a result.”

Shortly after AOL’s $315m (£196) acquisition of the Huffington Post, the company said it was to cut 900 jobs across its workforce – mostly in the US and India – as it looked to offset duplication between the two businesses, particularly in the content and technology divisions.



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