Steve Wozniak on why Apple should be more open

Wozniak says Apple must consider “more openness” when it comes to collaborating with tech rivals, while also giving his view on what will be the next major technology trend.

Apple must show “more openness” when it comes to working with rivals, according to its co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Speaking in a video interview with Marketing Week, filmed during Festival of Marketing 2016, Wozniak was asked what advice he’d give to current Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“I would urge him, where it makes sense, to consider a lot more openness. [There is an opportunity] working with other companies that Apple consider competitors,” he answered.

“But Apple is so huge that it’s hard to say ‘oh they made a mistake, they’re going to stumble’ as they can always just buy their way out of trouble.”

In an age of Oculus Rift VR headsets and augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go, Wozniak was also asked to predict what trend will come next.

While he reiterated VR would become a “huge thing”, mainly due to its association with gamers, Wozniak said he is most excited by the prospect of driverless cars.

He added: “Tim Cook says augmented reality is going to be more of a game changer than VR but for me self-driving cars are going to be the biggest thing of all.”

Watch the full interview with Steve Wozniak above.