Apple considers solar-power iPod

iPodApple is understood to be mooting the launch of a solar-powered iPod. A US patent application details an iPod with a solar panel behind the screen, which could be used to provide extra power.

It is thought that because the surface of the iPod screen is so small, any solar technology would be unlikely to be capable of providing total power for the device.

The panel would absorb the light that passes through the LCD screen eliminating the need for a complete redesign of products to accommodate a solar panel. If successfully implemented, Apple’s iPhones, iPods and laptops would require no outward changes to add solar power.

The limited space for panels has been the sticking point in developing solar technology in mobile devices. It is for this reason that and questions about the durability of solar panels that it has yet to be introduced.

Mobile device manufacturers, such as Motorola, have already looked at this area without pinpointing effective technology that could be implemented.


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