Apple dominates film product placement

Apple has dominated box office films for the past decade and appeared in more blockbuster films in 2010 than any other brand.


Apple products such as the iPhone, iPod and laptops appeared in 10 of the 33 number one films at the US box office last year, including “The Social Network,” “Toy Story 3,” and “Tron:Legacy” according to a study by

However, its appearances have dropped each year since their peak in 2008 when Apple appeared in 50% of all the top films in the US box office.

Nike, Chevrolet and Ford came in with the second most paid for placements, each appearing in 24% of the top films while Sony, Dell, Land Rover, and Glock appeared in at least 15%.

Apple’s products have appeared in more than a third of all number one films (112 of 334) at the US box office since 2001, more than McDonald’s and Nike’s appearances combined.

Ford appears in 144 of 334 top US films and Coca-Cola in third place appears in 96 of 334.

The news comes ahead of the start of product placement on television in the UK on Monday (28 February).

Product placement will be allowed in UK broadcasts including TV series, sports programmes, soaps, films and entertainment shows but will be prohibited in all children’s, news broadcasts and in all UK-produced current affairs, consumer affairs and religious programmes.

Media regulator Ofcom is allowing product placement in the UK following a public consultation last year. Earlier this month Ofcom revealed the logo that broadcasters must show on screen to identify programmes including paid for product references.


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