Apple faces iPad ad bans

The advertising regulator has deepened its probe into the way Apple has advertised its latest iPad as having 4G capabilities.

New Ipad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had previously received complaints about Apple’s claims that its iPad comes with 4G coverage – despite a 4G spectrum not currently being available in the UK. Apple had told the watchdog those claims had been removed from its advertising and it had edited a video on its website containing messages about 4G.

The ASA says it has now received “dozens” of additional complaints and that Apple’s UK website still advertises both WiFi and 4G versions of the iPad. The website does contain small print that states 4G LTE is only supported on some networks in the US and Canada.

A spokesman for the ASA says it may consider opening up a formal investigation of these claims. The probe could result in any Apple advertising in the UK containing 4G messaging being banned.

Apple is also facing scrutiny in Australia over the way it markets its iPad device as having 4G in that territory – despite 4G not being available there.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said Apple had “misled customers”.

Apple subsequently offered to refund any iPad customers in Australia who felt they had been misled into thinking it could connect to a 4G network.

Apple could not be reached for comment with regard to the ASA’s potential investigation.