Apple iPad to be handled with care, publishers warned

PPA: Magazine industry experts were warned today that while the Apple iPad may offer a host of publishing opportunities, these may come with strings attached.


Speaking at the PPA Annual Conference today (29 April) Juan Senor, of the Innovation International Media Consulting |Group, said that the arrival of the iPad and other “tablets” in development will help publishers who have concentrated on content and refreshing their product.

However, he added a warning that Apple is going to keep pricing control and publishing data and “this is a concern because this is the basis of marketing.”

Senor said publishers must “beware” and should work together to negotiate strongly with Apple. He said:”If you lose this you will see Apple on the world’s {newspaper} kiosks.”

Speaking on another panel, Guardian News & Media managing director Tim Brooks said that it was incredibly hard for an individual publisher to get Apple’s attention and that the technology company had a clear plan that it was executing “with great skill.”

“That plan does not include ceding control of its shop or downloadable apps market to publishers.”

The iPad is expected to launch in the UK in late May.


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