Apple overtakes Google as most valuable brand

Apple has unseated Google as the “world’s most valuable brand” for the first time since 2007, according to Millward Brown’s BrandZ report.

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The iPad maker’s brand is valued at $153.3bn (£93bn), an 84% increase since last year. It has increased 959% since the annual survey began in 2006.

Google’s brand is now valued at $111.5bn (£68.3bn), a 2% fall

Peter Walshe, Millward Brown BrandZ director, says: “Apple has built its whole brand on a promise it lives up to. The BrandZ Top 100 are not only more trusted and recommended but are better value – people are prepared to pay what they are worth.”

Facebook, at 35, is the biggest riser by percentage, increasing its brand value 246% to $19,1bn (£11.6bn) and entering the Top 100 brands for the first time.

Amazon has climbed the highest number of places to 14, up from 46 last year, and is valued at $37.6bn (£22.7bn). It is also the most valuable retailer in the Top 100.

Despite suffering a reputation crisis following the Gulf oil spill and shedding 27% of its brand value and falling 30 placed to 64, BP remains in the top 10 UK brands valued at $12,5bn (£7.6bn).

Toyota, which also suffered reputation damage following a global recall crisis, dropped only one place to 27 in the global Top 100 and retained the top spot in the automotives category valued at $24,2bn (£14.9) – an 11% rise.

A full analysis of the Millward Brown Brand Z report will appear in Marketing Week’s issue on 12 May, and online.

Top 10 Global brands

Apple $153.3bn (£93.9bn)
Google $111.5bn (£68.3bn)
IBM $100.8bn (£61.7bn)
McDonald’s $81bn (£49.6bn)
Microsoft $78.2bn (£47.9bn)
Coca-Cola $73.7bn (£45.1bn)
at&t $69.9bn (£42.7bn)
Marlboro $67.5bn (£41.3bn)
China Mobile $57.3bn (£35.1bn)
GE $50.3bn (£30.79bn)

Top 10 UK brands

Vodafone $43.6bn (£26.6bn)
HSBC $22.6bn (£13.8bn)
Tesco $21.8bn (£13.3bn)
Shell $15,2bn (£9.3bn)
BP $12,5bn (£7.6bn)
Standard Chartered Bank $12bn (£7.3bn)
O2 $11.7bn (£7.1bn)
Barclays $8.8bn (£5.4bn)
Marks & Spencer $5.3bn (£3.2bn)
Asda $3.9bn (£2.3bn)


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