Apple profit soars on iPhone sales

Apple has reported record profit as better than expected sales of iPhones and iPads in the lead up to Christmas boosted revenue.

The tech company reported a 71% rise in revenue to $26.74bn (£16.7bn) for the three months to 25 December, compared with $15.68bn (£9.79bn) in the previous year.

Apple also posted record profit of $6bn (£3.7bn), compared to $3.38bn (£2.1bn) in the same period last year.

The Californian-based company says international sales accounted for 62% of revenue during the quarter.

Apple sold:

  • 7.33 million iPads (N/A)
  • 16.24 million iPhones +86%
  • 19.45 million iPods -7%
  • 4.13 million Macs +23%

CEO Steve Jobs, who is stepping back from day to day running of the firm amid health issues, says Apple is “firing on all cylinders” and has more “exciting things in the pipeline”.

Apple iPhone has been named the UK’s “most desirable brand”. The company’s iPod is at number three on the list, with parent company Apple at 18.


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