Apple profits boosted by iPhone and Mac sales

Apple has seen a surge in profit as sales for its iPhones and computers reached a quarterly high.


The technology company has recorded a net profit rise of 47% to $1.67bn (£1bn) in the three months to 26 September, compared to the corresponding 2008 period. Sales also rose 25% to $9.87bn (£6bn).

Computer sales lifted 17%, with the company selling over three million Macs – a 19% rise on the same period a year ago.

Apple also sold 7.4 million iPhones, which was a 7% rise on last year, while sales for iPods fell by 8%.

Meanwhile, Orange and Vodafone have sealed deals to sell iPhones in the UK, as O2’s exclusive contract to sell the phones nears an end.

In the latest SuperBrands CoolBrands survey the iPhone unseated luxury car marque Aston Martin from the top spot which it had held for three years.

Apple dominated this year with three of the top five spots held by the iPhone (1), iPod (4) and the technology giant’s parent brand in the third spot.


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