Apprentice star Stuart Baggs trademarks name to become real “brand”

Former Apprentice contestant Stuart “the brand” Baggs is making his infamous catchphrase a reality by trademarking his own name to become a real world “brand”.


The reality TV star, also famous for saying “I’m not a one trick pony…I’ve got a whole field of ponies” on last year’s series, has trademarked his name to protect his intellectual property ahead of launching a range of merchandise and a stage show.

Baggs is appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a “hybrid” comedy show to talk about his time in the Apprentice and his other TV appearances since appearing on the BBC series. It is hoped his Edinburgh appearance will pave the way for further stage performances.

His official merchandise range is set to include clothing, such as t-shirts and baseball caps, which will be sold on Baggs’ website. He says “the ultimate” would be to have his own range of condoms, like JLS’ partnership with Durex.

Baggs is also in talks with TV production companies and radio commissioners to launch his own shows.

He says: “Brands don’t just have to be products they can be people too. I’m not a brand in a traditional sense like Diet Coke, but any brand needs to be trademarked, that’s rule one, this is as much about establishing my brand as protecting it.”

Baggs adds that he learnt “a fair bit” about branding in his time on the Apprentice, including “what not to say on television to endear yourself to the public”.

Watch Stuart Baggs’ best bits on the Apprentice 2010 below




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