Apprentice winner Mark Wright on plans to ‘revolutionise’ SEO

Apprentice star Mark Wright says that SEO is not just about ranking first on Google, as he speaks on his plans to develop a new SEO product.

Winner of series 10 of The Apprentice, Wright impressed Lord Sugar with a pitch on his plans for building a new digital marketing agency.

Speaking to Econsultancy yesterday (1 April) Wright said that his company is looking to make results more tangible for its clients.

“I think for far too long people have gone into a business and said, ‘Give me £300 and I’ll make you number one on Google.’ This is the wrong attitude.

“Search is evolving to the point that getting to number one on Google isn’t a target, you need to help businesses understand why having a good website is important, why creating good social media and content is important and also about having good quality links into their website.

“It’s a full strategy, not so much a product. We call it a product because we’re a business and that’s how we finance things, it’s through product, but SEO is a strategy based around good content and representing your business in an online space as well as possible,” he adds.

When speaking on how he can help the negative perception of the SEO industry, Wright added: “You’re never going to have all happy customers, because at the end of the day what we do is a form of advertising, and you’re never going to have 100% client satisfaction even though we do our utmost.

“The main problem with the SEO industry at the moment is negative SEO and people with powerful skillsets going to the other side and harming businesses.

“It’s something I’m seeing more and more, and where SEO used to be about improving keywords and getting sites up on search rankings, it’s now about doing that while also protecting businesses from the negative side of SEO,” he added.



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  1. is it safe? 7 Apr 2015

    The bottom line, as the guy points out, is that getting a good ranking is about creating good content – most people know that by now and I’m struggling to see what’s on offer here. There’s not much in the way of
    detail around what’s going to be doing the ‘revolutionizing’ so I’m
    waiting with baited breath.

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