Apricot set to part company with CIA

Apricot Computers is reviewing its media-buying activities and looks likely to drop CIA Medianetwork Direct. The Mitsubishi-owned computer company blames the departure of CIA staff after an agency restructure.

Apricot group marketing director Chris Buckham confirmed last week that the company is looking for an alternative buyer to handle its £2.24m advertising account.

“Nobody can give a straight answer when I ask what’s happening,” says Buckham. “There is a real lack of client communication. I think the big CIA is forgetting its roots.”

“This isn’t the easiest time for us, but we do have people in from London Media Direct so the departures won’t really affect us,” says a CIA spokesman. “If clients ring and ask then we tell them like it is.”

CIA has held the Apricot account since 1992 and has worked with Buckham since 1986, when he handled the marketing for Tandon Computer UK.


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