Arc creates viral Panda campaign

Arc Marketing has created a viral movie for Fiat’s range of Panda budget inner-city cars, expanding on the current through-the-line campaign showing different animals with their normal colouring replaced by a black-and-white panda colour scheme.

The two-minute viral film shows a pair of giant tortoises in their enclosure at the zoo, anxiously waiting for their latest offspring to hatch. As the youngster breaks out of its shell, it becomes obvious that it is panda-patterned in black and white.

Fiat’s Panda is targeted at 25- to 35-year-old female drivers, and was named by Top Gear as Car of the Year 2004 and Budget Car of the Year.

The animal theme runs through all the different media executions for Panda’s marketing campaign, from print ads through direct mail packs to the website.


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